About us

6 years ago I became the Chief Marketing Office for a fortune 500 company, and it that position is when I realized I was making the rich, richer while small business owners within my own community were struggling to make ends meet.
I was sick of seeing small businesses close after one year in-business simply because they did not have the same resources and capital as these huge corporations. I wanted them to have the chance to work for themselves, take vacations whenever they wanted without worrying about PTO, make their child's ballet performance or soccer game, taking a day off just because they FELT LIKE IT!
I knew in that moment what they were missing was a simple skillset called "digital marketing" and not just any marketing. Social Media ads. I had run ads for all the big name companies from Orange theory Fitness, Chipotle, Crumbl Cookie, Chase, you name it, I've probably worked on their campaign. Their marketing strategy came down to one significant money making factor, that was Facebook and Instagram Ads. If I could help these companies scale, then why not the under-dogs?
It's always been about putting more money in the hands of women and marginalized business owners all over the nation. I knew if the ma & pop shops could make money and keep their doors open, then neighborhood jobs would be created and how such a beautiful trickling effect could give our communities a boost. The crazy thing is, this isn't hard stuff, it's practically easy. It's just not easily accessible to the average joe. I am here to change that! I am here to help you scale your business using social media marketing! Every step of the way. Book a call. Do it for you, do it for your family, do it for your future